Integrate Movement

The Integrate Movement (TIM) is a new social enterprise, launching in 2016. Through work that is mental health informed, it designs and delivers workshops for frontline workforces and services that work with excluded young people to meet their emotional wellbeing and resilience needs.

What is the problem?
Young people’s mental health, emotional well-being and resilience needs are being repeatedly unmet:

  • Mental health is largely still perceived as something that only specialist services can support
  • Young people’s presentation e.g. anger, disengagement or withdrawal is mislabelled as ‘behavioural’ or ‘attitudinal’ resulting in services letting them down by missing a vital opportunity to offer appropriate support.
  • Many services find that they repeatedly fail to engage the most excluded young people, and invest expensive resources in places where help is accessed the least.

What is our solution?

At TIM, we believe frontline services are best placed to help excluded young people but do not always have the right tools to respond to what young people need.

TIM wants every service to be able to respond effectively to excluded young people. Getting them the help they need, through the best-placed point of contact. To achieve this, TIM will need to work at many levels, across agencies, unlocking the potential of existing resources and working alongside young people in almost everything that it does.

TIM’s workshops are inspired by the work of MAC-UK and its partners. For seven years, they have been taking what works in the clinic into communities and on to ‘the streets’ to work with young people, particularly those affected by gang involvement, where and when they need it. This way of working is called INTEGRATE.


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