Justlife Foundation is a charity which supports adults who are vulnerably housed or living in homeless unsupported temporary accommodation (UTA). Set up by local residents in 2008, Justlife started life as a weekly meal drop-in for homeless tenants UTA in east Manchester and has since grown to help over 500 individuals a year in Manchester and Brighton. The organisation uses innovative solutions to move people towards independent living, opening doorways to housing, healthcare and employment. For those living in UTA, Justlife aims to keep their stay as short, safe and healthy as possible. Justlife is one of the only organisations in England working with homeless adults living in UTA.

Just Thinking, the work funded by Lankelly Chase (2013-16), is enabling Justlife to channel unique frontline experience and expertise into a project that will influence policy, raise awareness and effect change to create better services and interventions for tenants in poor quality UTA and prevent others entering it. It will also provide Justlife with an opportunity to make developments within its own practice. Just Thinking is being conducted in both Manchester and Brighton, harnessing established work of Justlife in these areas.

Just Thinking is already having an impact in the homelessness sector. It is anticipated that the project will have further impact at policy, practice and peer levels in the following ways:

•       Identifying systemic problems which can have an adverse effect on the health and well-being of individuals, drawing the attention of policy makers and influencers to areas of concern and making policy recommendations in light of the issues;
•       Evaluating the impact of services that Justlife provides, making improvements and generating best practice frameworks to be shared with others; and
•       Direct benefits to peer researchers involved in the project as they receive support and development through the process.

For more information: http://justlife.org.uk/