Mayday Trust

Mayday Trust is committed to providing impactful and personalised services to people with complex needs who are either homeless or at risk of homelessness. In 2012 Mayday identified the impact that planned cuts to local authority funded services would have on people experiencing homelessness.  In response to this, and with a passion to remain true to a commitment to homeless people, Mayday created a unique way of working that aimed to benefit those of all ages who experience complex and multiple disadvantage.

This innovative project is based on a proven US model delivered globally for many years with data collated from studies of over 4-million people in over 70-countries. The model demonstrates that increasing certain internal and external strengths or ‘assets’, will lead to engaged, independent, aspirational and thriving individuals.

Mayday’s Personal Asset Development project combines: intensive 1-1 coaching focusing on discovering a person’s abilities and talents;  brokering where the individual identifies what they need to thrive and how the community can help; and building positive networks and friendships outside the homeless sector that will assist people to sustain positive change as they move out of homelessness. Uniquely it also shifts the balance of power, giving the individual choice and control throughout their time on the project.

Lankelly Chase is working with Mayday to scale up preliminary pilot work in Oxford over a two-year period.

Through this project, Mayday aims to test the model to evidence that it delivers improved sustainable outcomes for individuals, enabling them to thrive independently within their communities while in addition providing a cost-effective solution.

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