Providence Row

Providence Row Housing Association (PHRA) was originally founded in 1850 and delivers a variety of support services to some of the most socially excluded people in Tower hamlets, Hackney, Islingtonand City of London, including those with housing, mental health, offending and substance misuse issues.

Lankelly Chase supports PRHA’s mission to embed ‘experts by experience’ in the commissioning, design and delivery of all local services aimed at people facing severe and multiple disadvantage.

They have recruited a group of ‘peer-consultants’ to form an advisory panel which will develop best practice approaches for offering support to people with multiple and complex needs, and provide a pool of expertise to professionals, services, commissioners and other decision makers across a range of services in the local area. Their lived experience of severe and multiple disadvantage is being repackaged as expertise which can improve services, and they are supported through this process of increased responsibility by a programme of personal development which helps to build their skills and develop a positive self-identity.

This project aims to break down the ‘us and them’ relationship between services and people facing severe and multiple disadvantage, with a focus on an exchange which recognises each party as ‘different but equal’. Learning from the project will help to illustrate a new way of working which can be reproduced and learned from in other local areas.
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