Resolving Chaos

Resolving Chaos uses economic analysis to change the current system of commissioning services by making the economic case to improve the outcomes for people who face multiple disadvantage. We offer a new approach – using financial data to make a local business case for investing in sustained and effective services for this client group. Our purpose is to create the conditions where a wide choice of personalised services, with proven results, are commissioned through integrated investment because it is the financially prudent thing to do.


Description of the work:

  1. Share and promote our proof of concept for investing in multiple needs.
  2. We track outcomes and service use to demonstrate where costs have fallen as a result of targeted interventions. This data creates the business case to invest in sustainable funding for preventive services.
  3. Respond to the changes in public sector commissioning structures– particularly those which use new economic models, such as a Payment by Results– to critically assess the impact on the client group.
  4. Ensure these new commissioning arrangements in health, CJS and Local Authorities include the multiply disadvantaged and transfer power and choice to the user.