Revolving Doors

Revolving Doors is a national charity working to change systems and improve services for people with multiple and complex needs and who are in repeat contact with the criminal justice system. These people are often in regular contact with services and Government agencies – especially the police, courts and prisons – but receive little or no support throughout their journeys.

Lankelly Chase supports Revolving Doors’ core operations, helping it towards its goal that supporting people with multiple needs becomes embedded as a cross-Government priority.

This includes promoting service user involvement in commissioning and high-level strategic decision making, and testing replicable approaches to doing this effectively; improving frontline service responses to people facing severe and multiple disadvantage, including creating resources for practitioners and service managers; developing the evidence base and ‘making the case’ for effective work with people with complex needs; and working towards changing whole systems so that people facing severe and multiple disadvantage get effective help from both mainstream services and specialists as quickly as possible.

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