Unlimited Potential

Unlimited Potential is finding new ways to improve the wellbeing of disadvantaged fathers and, through this, the wellbeing of their children. Lankelly Chase has been working with Unlimited Potential to evaluate their pilot work in Little Hulton, Salford (a group called Salford Dadz), which aims to overcome the isolation and struggle that the fathers experience and provides a space where they can feel comfortable and begin to understand that they are not alone; that it’s OK to talk about mental illness; and, through this, develop the confidence and self-worth that enables them to become closer to their children and families.

The project uses the Positive Deviance approach, which finds dads in the community who are doing well, often against the odds, to find out what it is that they are doing that is successful, which is then shared with other dads, which enables them to develop more successful behaviours. As such, changes are introduced and owned by dads themselves.

Lankelly Chase and Unlimted Potential, with the considerable help of Salford Dadz, will be working together over three years to roll out the approach across two more locations in Greater Manchester. The aim is to test whether the Positive Deviance approach used to date in Little Hulton is transferable to other locations, with the aim of transforming the lives and wellbeing of fathers, their children and their families.

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