The Disabilities Trust

The Disabilities Trust is a leading national charity, providing innovative services, rehabilitation and support solutions for people with profound physical impairments, acquired brain injury and learning disabilities as well as children and adults with autism. The Foundation is the division within the Trust that aims to make a difference to the lives of those who are unable to access our core services.

The Foundation enables the Trust to share its expertise and knowledge through research and the piloting of new ideas. Our project work is designed to initiate and enhance good practice and direct or influence policy within our areas of expertise – brain injury, learning disabilities, autism and physical disabilities.

Focussing on the area of re-offending, The Trust has recognised the role that brain injury plays as a contributing factor to the wider issue of severe and multiple disadvantage in this area. The Trust realises, however, that statutory services will not formally engage in the issue of brain injury and its links to offending until wider-reaching impact evaluation research exists. As such, Lankelly Chase is working with The Disabilities Trust to fund a Specialist Brain Injury Linkworker and a large scale impact evaluation of the service, to build on the work that the organisation has already undertaken in prisons.

Offenders identified as having sustained a brain injury are referred to the Linkworker service and enter a newly established care pathway, which includes the development of partnerships with agencies within prisons and the community to ensure appropriate support is available on release to reduce offending behaviour.

As a result of this project, The Disabilities Trust hopes to enhance their existing expertise and knowledge base, by providing training, support literature, an effective care pathway and roll out the screening tool to services nationally. The impact evaluation will also provide the evidence needed to drive policy and practice.

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