The Winch

Based in North Camden, London, where a third of children grow up below the poverty line, this project plans to establish the North Camden Promise Zone (NCPZ) (a cradle-to-career, cross-sector, collective impact initiative to improve the life chances of children and young people).

The project aims, through the Promise Zone, to bring about a change in the way that children and young people, in particular those facing severe and multiple disadvantage, are supported and enabled to fulfil their potential. It brings together service users, community groups, professional services and local people to improve outcomes for children and young people.

With Lankelly Chase’s support, NCPZ will ‘build the village’ in which children grow up and redesign systems of support to intervene earlier, more collaboratively and more intelligently. By creating a shared agenda, approach and infrastructure to support this way of working, the project can improve life chances and long-term outcomes across education, mental health and wellbeing. It is hoped that, when the NCPZ has been set up, it will bring about change in the North Camden area of London and create a legacy which can inform others.
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