Transforming Choice

Based in Liverpool, Transforming Choice CIC has a very innovative approach to detox and rehabilitation for people who are alcohol-dependant. Unlike most other providers of services for people with addictions, Transforming Choice puts individuals’ requirements above rigid organisational structures and models of recovery, which usually focus on complete abstinence from alcohol from the start. The team at Transforming Choice want to remove all barriers to treatment for the most-disadvantaged groups, such as people who have reached the point of rough sleeping, street drinking and leading chaotic street lifestyles.

Transforming Choice provides intensive care for people who have experienced childhood and adult trauma and find that their only release from stress is through the abuse of drugs and alcohol. They have created a therapeutic environment that gives each individual the opportunity to explore their underlying issues. This psychological input and educational group work equips people with the skills and coping mechanisms that will enable them to navigate their way through life with confidence and self-care.

Lankelly Chase’s funding, over a three-year period, is specifically for the detox and rehab treatment, which focuses on some of the most vulnerable and marginalised people in the city. Part of Transforming Choice’s success lies in the fact that the centre they operate from is designed and managed specifically to meet people’s needs; and is founded by professionals with years of experience in this area of work.

The intensive support the project offers has delivered extremely encouraging results in a very short space of time, reaching some of the most entrenched and marginalised street drinkers in Liverpool. The team at Transforming Choice are encouraged by the fact that if people relapse after they have completed the program they have the skills and knowledge to make a choice to return to abstinence. This is extremely empowering for the individual, and very encouraging for the project.

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