Wave Trust

WAVE Trust is a research-based charity acting as a catalyst to eliminate intergenerational cycles of disadvantage.

Lankelly Chase is funding their work to examine the turning points and ‘trigger events’ in people’s lives which lead them towards severe and multiple disadvantage. The research is looking at what makes the most difference – for better or worse – in how people deal with these events and how this varies for people from different backgrounds. The work will also include examination of international research, and analysis of how previous attempts by governments and charities have succeeded or failed in their attempts to reduce the impact of trigger events or stop them from happening.

Rather than seeing complex lives as something which can only be dealt with by managing presenting needs in adulthood, the aim of the research is to provide an overview of what can lead to lives of severe and multiple disadvantage, where the forks in the road may be, and how people can be better supported to navigate them. It will also examine why some people have the resilience which enables them to survive very serious life setbacks, whilst others can be deeply damaged by similar or even less severe conditions.

This project will enhance our understanding of life transitions for people suffering, or at risk of, severe and multiple disadvantage, and shine a light on how an effective system would deal with the challenges posed by life events, trauma and trigger points. This knowledge can then help individuals and services to negotiate difficult life terrain with greater control and confidence.

For more information: www.wavetrust.org