Synergi, national priority setting paper

Although there has been much discussion of how to address ethnic inequalities in the risk of
severe mental illness and in pathways through care, this has rarely emphasised the views and
experiences of ethnic minority people with lived experience.

The Synergi approach is to engage relevant stakeholders using co-creation and co-production
that enable the intended beneficiaries to influence and design the actions that
seek to reduce inequalities.

To this end, we conducted a national priority setting consultation where we asked: “What are
the most important issues that we should understand when trying to reduce ethnic inequalities
in severe mental illness?”

Three underlying priorities were identified from responses to the consultation:
• The impact of racism and adverse care pathways;
• Facilitating social support, coping strategies and measures of positivity (e.g. optimism and hope); and
• Stigma and societal disadvantages (without reference to racism).

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