Women and Girls Facing Severe and Multiple Disadvantage

Our new report ‘Women and Girls Facing Severe and Multiple Disadvantage’, is an exploration of different frameworks for describing and measuring severe and multiple disadvantage in the lives of women and girls.

The research was conducted, and the report co-authored by DMSS Research and Heriot Watt University.

The report is grounded in the lived experience of women and girls, asking ‘what does severe and multiple disadvantage mean for women in your community?’ Experience of gender-based violence, poverty and mental ill health feature strongly, presenting a different set of issues and life experiences from what we might often think of as ‘multiple disadvantage’ or ‘complex needs’. Sources of data are interrogated for the extent to which they support the development of a comprehensive statistical profile. Survey-based data in particular is found to have potential for this, as many women and girls may be ‘off the radar’ of services.

We hope this report provides a useful analysis of existing data sets for illuminating the lives of this group of women and girls. Perhaps even more so, we hope that it encourages greater engagement with ideas about how multiple disadvantage may play out differently in the lives of different groups of people.

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