Open Data

It is our intention to make as much of our content and data open source.

We started this process with the Systems Changers 2016 programme where the content and relevant systems change tools are freely available.

In December 2017 we then signed up to the 360Giving initiative which helps UK grant makers publish their data openly online, to an agreed data standard. Publishing this data means that it can be shared, compared and analysed more easily. Over time, the intention is that it will contribute to more effective grant making.

You can also download details of grants made since April 2014 here: 2019 -2020 LC data, 2018 – 20219 LC data,  2017 -18 LC data,  2016-17 LC data,   2015-16 LC data,   2014-15 LC data

We aim to update the data at the end of every financial year, alongside the latest annual report. 

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License and can be viewed here. This means the data is freely accessible to anyone. Please attribute the data to Lankelly Chase.

More open data resources

Open Opps brings all public procurement opportunities into one place and makes tenders easily searchable.

We will be sharing relevant open data sites and services when we come across them. If you are aware of any that could be useful for us to include here, then please contact us at or via  twitter @lankellychase.