Women And Girls

We still live in a society which is affected by inequality on the basis of gender. Multiple disadvantage affects women (and men) in ways which are connected to this.

Experience of violence and abuse is a thread running through the lives of the vast majority of women facing severe and multiple disadvantage. When services don’t take this into account they can be re-traumatising rather than helpful.

The multiple needs field has often taken it for granted that fewer women than men face multiple disadvantage. We don’t agree but we do think their experiences are likely to be different.

We know that gender is important in the lives of men too. For example the way benefits and housing systems propel them towards street homelessness.

  • Working with Pilgrim Trust and Barrow Cadbury Trust we have published an evidence review of what is known about the lives of women and girls at risk of multiple disadvantage.
  • We are one of the founders of Agenda, the new alliance for women and girls at risk of multiple disadvantage.
  • We have commissioned DMSS Research and Herriott-Wat University to develop a conceptual framework for understanding severe and multiple disadvantage as it plays out for women.
  • We have conducted a review of the interrelationship between prostitution and multiple disadvantage and funded qualitative research with women in street-based prostitution by Hull Lighthouse.
  • We fund some excellent, trauma-informed practice with women facing severe and multiple disadvantage including the Nelson Trust, Anawim and Birth Companions.
  • We are funding Domestic Violence Intervention Project (DVIP) and Cranstoun to develop responses to male perpetrators of abuse who have complex substance misuse problems.

If you would like to discuss our work in this area, please contact Cathy Stancer or Oliver French.