Foundation transparency with 360 Giving

In December 2017 we signed up to the 360Giving initiative which helps UK grantmakers publish their data openly online, to an agreed data standard.

Publishing this data means that it can be shared, compared and analysed more easily. Over time, the intention is that it will contribute to more effective grantmaking.

This data has always been in the public domain through our annual reports, for those with the time and energy to track it down. But this goes a step further by making the data more accessible and comparable, and by feeding into a bigger dataset with equivalent information from other foundations too. For all that we might talk about our strategy development and our emerging work as a foundation that sees itself as an active partner rather than ‘just’ a funder, we recognise that where our money goes is probably the simplest signal of what we’re up to. So we’re happy and interested to make this information as open as possible.