Common Ground

A series about the place-based work that Lankelly Chase is supporting in Barking & Dagenham, Gateshead, Greater Manchester, Oxford and York.

Common Ground ran from the 28th of February until the 15th of April 2022.

It was a space for many of us involved in place-based work supported by Lankelly Chase to share our experiences and learning. We work to change ‘business as usual’, the dominant practices which result in further harm to people already subject to marginalisation. 

All the content can be accessed through this page (via the links for each place, below). There is lots more at #LCCommonGround on Twitter.

You can also see our CEO, Julian Corner, reflecting on the series, what Lankelly has learned from place-based work and where we might be headed next in this video:





The series started in Greater Manchester

It began by exploring what a Greater Manchester liberated by healing, justice, and equity might look like…





Common Ground co-created publications

These publications were co-written by the Lankelly team, our partners and our learning partner Northumbria University. They explore themes of power, participation and perspective across the five places.

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If you want to know more about any of the content in this series, you’re welcome to contact Renee Davis (Communications at Lankelly Chase), Cathy Stancer (lead on place-based work at Lankelly), Avril McIntyre (Barking & Dagenham), Rich Gibbons (Gateshead), Afshan D’Souza-Lodhi (GM), Sarah Cassidy (Oxford) or Emmie Wise (York)

Common Ground updates

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Our place approach

We are committed to working deeply in several places around England and also work in partnership with the Corra Foundation in one place in Scotland.

Lankelly’s work in places is about changing the underlying dynamics, or the ‘way things are done’ so they are more equitable, inclusive and just.