Our journey

Lankelly Chase is on a journey, from supporting charity to promoting justice. For more than sixty years, we have funded great organisations in the UK to address harms to people who are subject to marginalisation and exclusion. 

‘It is justice, not charity, that is wanting in the world.’ – Mary Wollstonecraft

In recent years, we have made the shift from addressing the problem to addressing the causes of it. We have been using our resources to support actions that target the underlying causes of those harms.  That’s because no matter how hard we all work, we remain stuck in cycles and systems that keep reproducing damage, trauma and inequity. 

The work we support aims to:

  • liberate people from harmful systems
  • heal the trauma they have caused
  • reimagine what a future beyond trauma might look like.

When we talk about justice, healing and liberation, we recognise that these are ongoing processes and struggles, not outcomes or destinations. They are words and ideas that have been won by the struggles of many who have come before us, whose bravery and vision now makes our work possible. 

As a foundation, we increasingly recognise the privilege we hold. We acknowledge being part of societal structures that help to keep some communities in positions of powerlessness. We are working hard to transform our relationship with these structures so that we avoid repeating damage and can put our status and power at the service of fundamental change.

In future, Lankelly Chase will focus all its resources on supporting the capability, collaboration and resolution needed to disrupt harmful systems and bring about fundamental change.

We hope that we will be good ancestors, and that the work we support will help lay the ground for future generations.