What we fund

As an independent foundation, we have the financial freedom to experiment and take risks. We also feel the weight of responsibility to ensure our money is spent wisely.

We fund people, organisations and networks taking action to either reveal, question and dismantle or heal, reimagine and transform systems. We have a particular focus on those systems that result in the mental distress, violence and destitution experienced by people who are subject to marginalisation in the UK.

We feel that ‘just outcomes’ are more likely to result from ‘just processes’ so we look to fund work that reflects different forms of perspectives, participation and power.

We will also support work that unites all those who can contribute to change from people with direct experience of marginalisation, policy makers, frontline workers through to journalists, and activists – and more.

 Our current partners have been established from as far back as 1968 to 2017. Some examples include a social enterprise specialised in social innovation for happiness and health; a community tackling the causes and consequences of homelessness; an organisation training Black African women to reduce their barriers to social participation. 

Some examples of the type of activities we fund include: 

  • Courses to enable people to develop their skills to think and act systemically 
  • Networks of people with lived experience of oppression joining together to create systemic change 
  • Establishment of centres of excellence on ethnic inequalities and severe mental ill-health