Lankelly Chase is supporting several interconnected networks of optimistic, values-driven people who want systems to work better for those subject to marginalisation in Gateshead.

What’s happening

  • Gateshead Futures Network is a place for people to come together from across the system to think about what the future could look like and to build relationships across organisations and sectors to do things differently.  
  • In the neighbourhood of Bensham and beyond, Jigsaw Recovery Project and six other local community groups (The Comfrey Project, NE Young Dads and Lads, Young Women’s Outreach Project, ReCoCo, 3 Steps, St Chad’s Community Project) are working on an inquiry into how to change local systems. They are being supported by the Institute of Development Studies at Sussex University, which is a world expert in using systemic action research to support social change.
  • Learning groups are happening in different parts of the Gateshead system, including in adult social care.
  • Partnerships with local NHS and community services, and local foundations including the Ballinger Trust are coming together around the idea of participatory resource allocation in one area of Gateshead.
  • A group of organisations are working together to try out the Signal methodology for understanding poverty from the point of view of local people.  
  • Lankelly Chase has devolved decision making over funding in Gateshead to a new Coordination Team that is stewarding the local action inquiry.  

Andy Crosbie is the local associate, weaving relationships and learning together across all this activity:   

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