Street full of people going about their business


We are committed to working deeply in several places around England and also work in partnership with the Corra Foundation in one place in Scotland.

We are members of LocalMotion which is a partnership of foundations taking a place-based approach.

Lankelly’s work in places is about changing the underlying dynamics, or the ‘way things are done’ so they are more equitable, inclusive and just. We use the System Behaviours as a guide.

We support local people to collaborate to work out together what this looks like and how to do it.

In other words, we support the development of locally-led collaborative change processes.

This work needs to be ongoing and adaptive because:

  • It is never ‘done’. We will never reach a point where we can say ‘the way things are done here now is perfectly just, equitable and inclusive’ (and even if this did happen, it would only be temporary because in reality things are always changing)
  • There is no known route to this kind of change, so the work is inevitably exploratory with many false turns.

The work is led by groups of local people with different backgrounds, roles and experiences. They are immersed in the reality of failing systems, extreme poverty, oppression and injustice and are disturbed and frustrated by what they see. They know what’s wrong now and they are holding their nerve to keep the focus on what would ultimately help things to shift.

What does this mean in practice? 

  • We use Lankelly Chase’s resources to make sure people have the time and space for networking, thinking, learning and trying out new ways of doing things. 
  • We take steps to ensure people who are often excluded can take on leadership in the work. 
  • We provide access to different methodologies and practices that might be useful. 
  • We fund some of the experimental actions people decide to take locally. 
  • We connect and network people across the different places we are working in and provide learning support through our partner, Northumbria University 

Because there is no roadmap for this work and all of us involved are continually learning and adapting as we go, we refer to it as an Action Inquiry.