Greater Manchester

There is a growing interconnected network of passionate people who are deeply committed to a shared vision of an equitable and just Greater Manchester.

What’s currently happening?

The work is happening at multiple levels:

  • The Elephants Trail groups are leading the way by using transformative co-production processes in Bury and Rochdale.
  • Rapar and Sheba Arts use the arts and storytelling processes to connect and share experiences with people subject to extreme marginalisation.
  • SAWN is a network of 12 organisations who provide culturally appropriate services for African women and girls in Greater Manchester.
  • For the first time in Lankelly Chase’s place-based work, decision making has been devolved to a Greater Manchester local core team. It means that Lankelly Chase staff are now in a minority when it comes to decision making about all things Greater Manchester. One of the first things the group has done is to launch a ‘spaces’ micro-grants fund for women and young people who are subject to marginalisation. Thirty-eight grants have been made available. 
  • Learning spaces which connect people across all these activities are being created.  


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