Alleyne& supports organisations to create equitable and profitable spaces.

About our organisation/network
Alleyne& supports organisations to create equitable and profitable spaces. We work across strategy, change management, brand development and research. Through our consultancy and an incubator, we explore and interrogate prevalent issues which underpin many of the questions and challenges faced by our clients. Our team of eight incorporates unique skill sets and lived experiences to develop and test new models and ways of working, with our incubator informing our consultancy work. Through our collaborations we aim to create new and mutually beneficial partnerships and above all, we believe in integrating three key elements: people, purpose and profit. This holistic approach is driven by the belief that profit with purpose benefits organisations and people.

The change we want to see
We help people make change, in service of a world where everyone has access to the same opportunity. Our core belief is that organisations benefit from profit with purpose, and that these are achieved by looking after its people. We envision a future built on the equal valuation of all three. The pandemic has emphasised that we are interconnected – through communities, countries, and cultures. We can directly impact the world from the comfort of our homes, and we can measure positivity and profit in many different ways. Diversity and well-being can be commensurate with monetary gain; little wins can become large movements, and valuing the needs of an individual employee can have a global impact on a business. If in our future we can understand that putting people first leads to greater profit and stronger sense of purpose, we begin to see a world that truly works for the better.

Our main line of work that Lankelly Chase is supporting
My interdisciplinary research project ‘Neurology of Power’ which examines the relationship between power and the brain.