An Untold Story – Voices

We are a collective of women with lived experience of street sex working in Hull, and their supporters.

About our organisation
We authored and were involved in the publication of An Untold Story in 2017; a self edited book of narratives, images and poetry which outlines the major themes of lived experience which the authors wanted to highlight. We are concerned by the multiple and complex disadvantages still faced by many women who are involved in street sex work. Though we don’t have all the answers, we know how these are both created and made worse by all forms of marginalisation, the misapplication of legislation, and punitive government policies which impoverish those who struggle the most. After taking legal action to challenge local unlawful legislation affecting street sex workers, we now engage with these statutory powers, building new policy infrastructure to centralise lived experience and wisdom, and relate to people mutually and respectfully.

The change we want to see
We exist to support the raising of voices of lived experience of sex workers who face and are at risk of complex and compounding injustice. We endeavour to do this through promoting understanding via human stories and working together as an inclusive community to effect justice and systemic change. We aim to see greater equality for current street sex workers, women at risk and therefore for all of us.