Bureau Local, The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

The Bureau Local is a people-powered network setting the news agenda and sparking change, from the ground up.

Email: meganlucero@tbij.com

Address: The Bureau of Investigative Journalism PO Box 76421 London EC2P 2SH

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About our organisation/network
We have set out to make sure news is working for everyone and to do so, we’ve been changing the way it’s done. Whether it is austerity or Brexit, health or education, people across the UK experience inequality in their treatment and how their stories are told, if told at all. That’s why we focus our journalism on shining a light on the power, decisions and policies that threaten the interests of people across the UK. We have worked together with a network of people across the country, those who want to build a bright future for news, and have co-created an open manifesto for collaborative news.

The change we want to see
By shining a light on corruption, on corporate and government failure and on abuses of power, we reveal the lived reality of inequality and injustice in order to spark change. Our stories and data have contributed to changes in policy and law at a local and national level, in the UK and around the world. They have informed and strengthened the work of NGOs and academics, have inspired individuals to take action and have prompted the formation of community movements. Our reporting is a crucial part of this process of social change – uncovering new evidence, engaging widespread public attention and demanding accountability. But we also know journalism rarely changes things on its own which is why our model is creative and collaborative to the core. Our goal is to lift our journalism off the page to make a difference in the world, connecting with key audiences, benefitting affected communities and helping drive top-down and bottom-up change.

The main line of work Lankelly Chase is supporting
Lankelly Chase is supporting our core efforts which include accountability reporting, open data/information work and community organising.