Support and Action for Women’s Network – SAWN

To realise the full potential of BME women by removing barriers to participation. SAWN is an organisation promoting participation and engagement of Black and Ethnic Minority Women (BME) and Foreign National Prisoners in the UK


Address: Unit 1 Stockfield Mill Chadderton Oldham OL9 9ES

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About our organisation

SAWN is an organisation that works with Black African women by empowering them to be the best version of themselves by providing a space to grow and explore their skills and learn new ones. SAWN engages women in a variety of ways such as addressing cultural abuse issues,culture sharing and training and supporting to realise full potential by removing and reducing barriers to participation.

The change we want to see

The change we want to see is for women to be given an opportunity to become equal players in issues concerning them and establish an even equal footing by working in partnership with statutory to change the systems that perpetuate inequality in service provision and removing the notion of anybody being ‘hard to reach’ because everyone is reachable if you establish good relationships.