Untelevised is an interactive media platform dedicated to exploring possibilities for social change.

About our organisation/network
We work in two ways: 1. Simplify political concepts – we are making politics genuinely accessible for those who question our system, but don’t consider themselves experts. We want to show that anyone can and should engage in politics, through helping people to overcome barriers in confidence or skill. 2. Changing the dominant narrative – we are bridging the gap between those who produce content and those in grassroots environments with stories to tell but no access to tell them. Challenging the homogeneity and biases of the mainstream media through showcasing grassroots organisations, activists and projects who are trialling imaginative, compassionate and radical approaches to social justice. It is a joint project between media production company, Filmanthropy, and grassroots organisation, May Project Gardens. This collaboration allows us to draw upon the combined expertise in connecting with communities on the margins and creative storytelling with a focus on social justice.

The change we want to see
We believe that all the ills of society are symptoms of our social and economic systems. Therefore, we recognise that any long-term change requires an overhaul of these systems. This is the macro change we want to see. However, this is a marathon, not a sprint. So our short-term goal is to uncover the root causes of the injustices in society and challenge exising solutions. There’s a disconnect between the people doing the actual, frontline, social justice work and those in positions of influence and power. We feel strongly about what these ordinary people, with no obligation, job title, salary etc are doing every day to fill the gaps left by governments and statutory services. They’re showing, through their actions, that they believe the world should be a fairer and more compassionate place. This is admirable but shouldn’t be the case. So we’re working to expose this reality and hold the establishment to account.

The main line of work Lankelly Chase is currently supporting
To grow the content and reach of Untelevised by allowing us to continue to produce our podcast (Untelevised: The Podcast), create further educational resources and thought pieces, expand our content distribution and also returning to the creation of a documentary film (once safe to do so).