Losing Control is back and bigger than ever!

Esther Foreman, The Social Change Agency

Since Losing Control, 2017, we have witnessed a massive increase in organisations and leaders asking how they can accelerate social change by adopting more inclusive ways of making decisions. We have seen a rise in the understanding of the lived experience, and how it can challenge traditional power and transform governance and we have seen businesses embrace networks and recognise their role in collaborative change making.  And we have seen the start of the evolution of institutional infrastructure as it becomes fit to serve its movement members.

And we LOVE it.

When Bob and I started Losing Control last year and gathered over 100 people together to discuss all the challenges around losing control for real – see here and here…, we did not think that that a year later we would be able to run Losing Control as a two year project with the intention of creating a real authentic movement of people who care as passionately about losing control as we do, AND want to do something about it.

So…with the support of the Joseph Rowntree FoundationLankelly ChasePower to Change, and Barnwood Trust, the Social Change Agency (myself)  and Practical Governance (Bob) are very excited to announce the launch of:

Losing Control: The Movement For 21st Century Social Change

So…Do you want to accelerate social change by adopting more inclusive ways of making decisions? Promote the voice of lived experience? Find new and innovative methods that focus on flatter hierarchies? In other words, do you believe that we need to let go of power to unleash social change and you want to do something practical about it?


Than come and Lose Control with us:

The Losing Control Event: Feb 5-6 2019 in Birmingham.

This event will bring together change makers from all kinds of backgrounds, sectors, and positions to discuss and create bottom-up and collaborative approaches to social change

At this event, we are focusing on three overlapping themes: Power, Relationships, and Collaboration. Join us to share your ideas, get inspiration, and learn from each other in an honest but practical way, warts and all. Join us as we navigate the complex realities of creating social change together.

Losing Control is powered by YOU. We are currently building the programme led by YOU- If you would like to host a session, take a look at the different type of sessions on our Losing Control website and get in touch with karen@thesocialchangeagency.org with a short overview and let’s discuss it!

The Losing Control Network:

The Losing Control Event is open to everyone – but if you can’t make it or are searching for something deeper, we will be maintaining momentum through the Losing Control Network where you will have access to practical tools, support, inspiration, peer-led learning groups, and connections to address the complexities of what it means to Lose Control

Join us.

Visit the Losing Control website to find out who’s joining, how to book your spot for the event or how to join the network.

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