The Mission of Change

3rd December 2015, words by Alex McCraw

In mid-November, Lankelly Chase convened a conference for representatives of the organisations that we work with; for commissioners from local authorities, the NHS and other services; and for people with lived experience of the social harms that we, as an organisation, work to improve.

The event built on our previous conferences for the organisations that we partner with to come together to share their knowledge and learning. We worked with Snook, a Service Design agency based in Glasgow, to facilitate the event, which aimed to get everyone’s voices heard when it comes to service design.

One of the organisations that attended was Salford Dadz. They work to improve the wellbeing of fathers and their children in Salford, Greater Manchester. Throughout the conference, one of the dads, Alex McCraw, was documenting his experience of the event by writing a poem. Alex has very kindly sent us a copy of his final piece. Enjoy!

The Mission of Change
by Alex McCraw, Salford Dadz

Came to the Forest of Arden
On an adventure for Lankelly Chase
A mission to make a difference
And make our world a better place.

Rooms full of strangers
Chat flowing so free
Talk of past, present, future
And what our lives can be.

People from all walks of life
Gathered and united as one
To plan talk and help
Make new friends and have some fun.

Sat in our groups in a room
The challenge is set up for us all
Playdoh pens and paper
Goals and even throwing a ball.

Amazing and astounding
Many of the stories being told
Change being the common ground
The overall impact strong and bold.

From all over our island
Joined to wrack our brains
Makes a nice difference
From the journey here on trains.

Soon time to go
Get changed and ready for dinner
The buzz so enlightening
Everyone feeling like a winner.

So night is here, time to eat
Laughter and chatter air so alive
Feeling and emotions high
Adrenaline on full speed drive.

Quiz time is on its way
Thinking hat get it on
Sat round a table
Happy laughter and song.

Questions driving us crazy
With names we do not know
Fingers crossed on guesses
Not to worry only five more rounds to go.

Soon be end of the night
And time to get some sleep
One more day to say our piece
Then off home with memories to keep.

So ready for round two
A new day has begun
Cold windy and raining
But of course there be no sun.

Breakfast good and filling
Time to pack our stuff
Head down to the room
Let’s hope no one feels too rough.

Here we all stand
Lots of missions from which to choose
Does not really matter
Because none of them can lose.

Promoting change is why we’re here
And that is what we will do
Humans of strength and the wealth within
Is to name but only two.

Look for people with hidden skills
Listen good to their story
Help them learn and advance
Show them their inner glory.

Time for thoughts and make a plan
Sit down and work on the how
We know what we want to achieve
And we know this change has to start now.

All that is left to say
Is thank you for a job well done
Snook and everyone you done so brilliant
I think we all had fun.

And finally to Lankelly Chase
You gave the chance to have my say
An opportunity to help change the world
So Thank you, until we meet again soon one day.


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