Sharing Insights from the Frontline- Systems Changers Twitter Takeovers

We often hear the voices of Chief Execs and CEOs and we’re beginning to hear the voices of people with lived experience more and more but rarely do we hear from the frontline workers who connect them. That’s why we launched the Systems Changers Programme, created and delivered by Lankelly Chase, Point People and Snook. The programme was first piloted in 2015 in the North East and North West and in 2016 ran with 11 participants from across the South East. The ambition of the programme was to enable frontline workers to contribute to and create systems change. To empower people to gain a sense of agency to influence the multiple systems they work within. Systems Changers aimed to amplify the voice of frontline workers to generate conversation and help create positive systems change.

Insights from the second cohort of Systems Changers were launched in a report in March, but we wanted the conversation to carry on, to share the learning and hear from more frontline staff. The best way to amplify the voices of frontline workers was to give them a platform, we did this firstly through blogging, and then by giving them the platform of our Twitter account. A Twitter Takeover can provide frontline workers and influencers with a platform to share insights into their work and their views around systems change in a new and different way. We worked with a different frontline worker each week for 12 weeks to plan their takeover, and then handed over the reins of @LankellyChase for the day. Contributors varied from those involved in the Systems Changers programme like Christa Maciver and John Broadway to those working in organisations we have partnered with that are creating social change like Nikki Aitchison, Mayday Trust and Ruth Franciszka, then at Voices of Stoke.

Powerful videos, photographs, quotes shared during our takeovers so far have stopped us in our tracks each week. We have used Storify along the way to bring together highlights from the Systems Changers Twitter Takeover (#SCTT).

To some it may seem like a bold idea but the conversations that have been generated as a result have been fascinating to see. It’s been a way of connecting organisations working in the same area to share their ideas and also discuss the joint challenges they are facing and propose solutions. The takeovers have also provided an opportunity to celebrate some of the interesting work that’s being done to tackle severe and multiple disadvantage and share best practice.

I just wanted to say how much fun this was, and it gave me a great platform to put my organisation’s name out there. I also made contact with some interesting people that I’ll be talking to again in the future…I’d really recommend it.

Bryony Albery, Wycombe Homeless Connection

We want to continue to put a spotlight on the experiences and insights of frontline workers that are creating systems change around severe and multiple disadvantage. If you’d like to take part, don’t hesitate to get in touch via Twitter or email us at to find out more.

You can follow our takeovers on a Friday @LankellyChase #SCTT

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