Lewis Appah

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How would you describe yourself? – Dedicated, strong, passionate and a team worker.

What I do:

I am an Outreach Worker at May Place House in Basingstoke, generally helping rough sleepers and sofa surfers integrate back into society. My duties entail going out there and seeking rough sleepers around town. I help them to get re-housed, fill out ESA claims and support them to engage with other stakeholders. I mainly get referrals from the Councils, members of the public and other agencies.

Something I would like to change in the system:

I would like to change the time food is given to rough sleepers in my organisation. Recently, the meal time was changed. This has really affected the way rough sleepers are engaging with our services as we don’t get to see them anymore, hence affecting the actual data for rough sleepers we have. It shows that the present meal time is not working and defeats the whole idea of engaging and providing deli meals for the rough sleepers.

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