Myron Rogers


What attracted me to being on the Lankelly Chase board

I’m a researcher, writer and consultant. After 40 years, you begin to think you’ve seen all there is to see, and then along comes Lankelly Chase. I’ve been captured by the inspiration and intention of the foundation, which in my reading is nothing less than nurturing a new system, a network of relationships that allows people to live into their unique gifts.  We could talk about this as systems theory in action, yet that sounds so dull and reductionist compared with the lived reality of the lives of those people who are remaking their world.

Honestly, I didn’t know of Lankelly Chase before being invited to join the Board. In the invitation was the idea that I–as a systems theorist, a deeply experienced practitioner, and a large scale change consultant–could help.  I certainly hope I can, but I suspect I’ll be more helped, disturbed out of my complacency, perturbed from my smug knowing, toward a humble, and grateful not-knowing. But still trying.

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