Opening Doors, Changing Lives: Measuring the Impact of Cash Grants on Disadvantaged Individuals and Families

The Open Doors Programme aims to improve understanding of how accessing cash, alongside other support, helps to achieve sustained results for recipients and to give a sense of the magnitude and significance of the changes achieved.

The report seeks to analyse the impact of the Open Doors Programme. Initial analysis shows:

  • Small grants ease pressure, enabling recipients to focus on other areas of their lives that need addressing via the support provided by partner organisations
  • Recipients of grants report a significant improvement in wellbeing as it enables them to make changes in their life that provide a greater sense of control, trust and security
  • Partner organisations state that grants help improve the relationship and engagement between recipient and worker

The report also highlights that the majority of grant recipients are receiving additional support with housing, mental health issues and training and employment. Domestic abuse is one of the most common areas of SMD reported on applications.

A second report will be published at the end of the Open Doors Programme. This will explore further learning from the programme and will benefit from using additional data available.

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