Jenny Oppenheimer

Philanthropy Partnerships Lead

What attracted me to LCF

In a sector that was obsessed with risk and where governance was stale, LC stood out as a funder that was willing to really look at the power structures and was thinking about how it could change things in leading by example

What are you passionate about?

Fairness is a belief that underpins much of what I do and is a value that fundamentally influences my approach and actions. Issues related to women, girls and racial justice are where my passion lies. I’m drawn to ways to unlock and amplify the imagination, energy and ability of those who work on these issues.

What am I good at?

I’m a natural connector who creates and leverages connections. Having a networking brain means I often make associations, see potential connections and nudge on opportunities to collaborate, influence and cross-pollinate. I engage with warmth, cheer and empathy to encourage people from different walks of life and who may come from different cultural backgrounds, to establish connections and to solve problems.

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